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One of the most difficult jobs in Canada is that of the Prime Minister. You will be faced with endless problems, a huge work load and millions of Canadians who dislike you. Other political parties will systematically pick on you in an attempt to destroy your reputation and question your performance. In Canada we have thousands of Haters and Trolls who will say mean things about you without identifying themselves and they are very active on social media these days!

The recent election in the USA shows how emotions and hate can peak during and even after an election making it very difficult for those who have served and those who have just been elected.  Could you do it? I couldn't and wouldn't. After two years the emotions have receded and it's time to take a typically Canadian view of what really happened.  Most of us have a pretty good sense of humor and Canada is one one the best countries in the world to live and enjoy life!  So lets take another look at the Harper Years.

Authors will write books about you. Correspondents and media folks will express their opinions about you. They really do this to make money from you! Often companies will offer you jobs. Over time something called a legacy will be constructed based on a combination of opinions and facts about what really happened during the time you were in office. And often the write ups are just attempts to generate revenue or support a political viewpoint not an attempt to share the facts and reality.  

I originally had this site up prior to the 2015 election but decided to close it on July 15th 2015 well before the vote because I didn't want to be involved in all the political games being played. I had identified problems with the Harper government and that is one reason I formed the site calling it But now the election is well over and soon almost three years will have passed. 

As a Publisher I really think that it is important to tell the truth. Battiston Publishing has published three important books -one on how business really works in Canada and one on how you can save your life on winter roads and the latest one on how real estate really works in Canada called UnReal-Estate Canada. Our books tell the truth even when it is politically incorrect to do so. As the owner of this website I am going to be neutral on Mr. Harper's legacy. I do respect his efforts, he has tried his best and has also raised an excellent family and he has millions of people who support him. I agree with some of the things he did and disagree with others. Politics are extremely complicated and millions of people are involved and in the case of Mr. Harper's legacy it is still being documented and analyzed . 

To start, we are listing ALL the books written by and about Mr. Harper as they represent a large amount of very useful information. Once that is up and running I will review some of the achievements and failures that were made when he served as our Prime Minister. I do think it would be a mistake to simplify those years he was in power in either a positive or negative tone. I admit that in one election I voted for his party and in another I voted for somebody else.  I hope that you enjoy the site and if you have any comments or ideas please e-mail me and I will consider placing them on the page. All comments are kept private and I will not place anything that you send me on the site without your permission. And remember when an Author writes a book often they have an opinion which they promote in the book. So a book could be pro Harper or against Harper. Lets try and look at both parts of the story.

Recently our existing Prime Minister made some terrible decisions regarding a convicted terrorist and paid him 10.5 million dollars and gave him a public apology.  The obvious question is would have Mr. Harper done the same thing and it is clear to everyone that he most certainly would not have. I think we are seeing in July 2017 the first real incident where the new PM is not up to the previous PM in the ability to make the right decision.  This will very likely change the legacy that Mr. Harper has as those who stopped supporting him wish now that he was the PM when this decision was made. 

As time permits I will investigate this issue further. I have written about it on one of our other websites at




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